AvPlan EFB has a built-in terrain and obstacle warning system. When enabled in Settings/User Settings, terrain warning banners will appear over the En Route, Terminal, Weather or Text panes in the App.

Terrain warnings

Terrain warnings are based on those defined in the FAA TAWS-B standard. This standard defines the amount of clearance with terrain at different phases of flight.

  • Tap on the red bar to dismiss the warning. Once the conflict has been cleared, a new terrain conflict will show the warning again.
    When Audible warnings are enabled, the App will also sound a verbal annunciation, including a ‘500’ warning when passing through 500 feet AGL on descent.

Terrain warnings can also be set as a verbal annunciation.

Obstacle warnings

When Terrain Warnings are active, Obstacle warnings will also appear on all Mega maps.

During planning, any possible obstacles within 13 nautical miles either side of track and less than 1500 feet of your planned altitude will appear. See below for an example of planning mode.

Obstacle display

Colour codes:

Red Within 500 feet of your planned altitude
Yellow Within 1500 feet of your planned altitude
Hidden More than 1500 feet below your planned altitude

When in Fly Mode, obstacle warnings appear in reference to your current altitude; not planned altitude.

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