Lateral (side-to-side) WnB Envelope construction (Premium feature)

If an aircraft type has a lateral CofG envelope, it can be constructed in the same manner as above from POH data. Similarly, loading stations will have lateral arms that should be entered at each loading station.

If a lateral envelope exists for an aircraft selected for use in a flight plan, then the envelope and relevant loading options will be presented in the Planning>Aircraft Loading etc page. The lateral envelope will also appear in the Advanced Load Sheet.

Loading Profiles & Optional Equipment (Premium features)

If you routinely set up an aircraft in different configurations (fewer or more seats in the cabin etc) and /or with with certain optional equipment (survey camera gear, medical equipment cabinets and so on) then your aircraft can be set up in advance with a number of Loading Profiles, each of which can have sets of Optional Equipment.

Loading Profiles

Loading profiles are added using the Profiles button at the top right of the Weight and Balance editing screen. Loading profiles do not change the CofG envelope of the aircraft, but will reflect standard sets of basic Empty Weight/Arm values and corresponding loading stations and limits, if set.

Here is an example of setting up two loading profiles for an aircraft that has all six seats in one profile, and only four seats in another:

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Swipe left on a Profile name to reveal a menu to To Rename, Copy, Approve or Delete it if you are the designated Weight Control Authority.

Note- if you swipe too quickly you may only see the Delete option.

If you select Delete, you will be given the option to confirm or cancel. Deletion is permanent.

Optional Equipment

The Edit button at the top right of the Weight and Balance setup page is used to add Optional Equipment packages to a Loading Profile. Named optional equipment packages are assigned to named locations (i.e. load stations) in the aircraft, and are simply defined by their weights and longitudinal (and lateral) arms. Any number of Optional Equipment packages can be created… and then selected as required for the actual W & B calculation in Planning.

Load Profile Approval by a Weight Control Authority (Premium feature)

If your organisation uses a WCA to verify and approve weight and balance calculation systems, then the WCA can be given permission to access your Aircraft files and “Approve” them electronically. When this has been done, the parameters defining CofG envelopes and aircraft loading parameters for an aircraft cannot be changed. WCA Approval (or lack of it) is annotated at the bottom of the Advanced Load Sheet. Contact AvSoft Australia for information regarding being registered as a WCA for an organisation.

Once approved by a WCA, a load profile and its optional equipment package definitions are given a green tick of approval, are locked and can no longer be edited.

If you need to change an approved loading profile or change equipment packages, then simply copy a profile that you already have (its optional equipment will also be copied), then edit it and get it approved. It is not possible to “unapprove” an approved profile in order to make it editable

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