If you have added a link to your aircraft Pilots’ Operating Handbook (POH) in the aircraft profile (Basic Performance section), it will appear in this list. Tap an entry to download (for the first viewing) and view the POH.

You can also email yourself the POH as a PDF file, and import it into AvPlan EFB. It will then appear in this list;

  • Attach the PDF to an email, then send the email to an address that you can open on your device.
  • Open the email app, find your email.
  • Tap and hold on the email’s attachment and select Open in AvPlan EFB
  • Depending on how the latest version of iOS is handling attachments in emails, you may find that the process requires a few more steps as follows:
    After opening the email on the desired device:
    1. Tap the “Share” button
    2. Tap and hold on the attachment icon in the emai
    3. Scroll across until you see “More” in the second row of action icons
    4. Tap on “More”
    5. Scroll down the suggestions list and tap on AvPlan EFB.
    6. This will load the file into AvPlan.
  • The document will appear in Text > POH

Chart Legends

This folders contains the legends for charts in your subscribed area/s.

Select an item from the list in this window to view the chart legend. You can pan around and pinch-to-zoom. Tap Close in the top right hand corner of the screen to return to the list.

A note for NZ Users: “Special Messages”

“Special Messages” labels on the New Zealand VNC can be decoded in the NZ VNC Legend document in Text/Chart Legends/NewZealand>VNC.

Documentation & Tutorials

This window contains a convenient shortcut list of current AvPlan EFB user documentation and tutorials, including this document. Now, if we had put a link to this document inside this document, would that constitute an infinite loop? The first correct answer emailed to the support guys will win a free Mars bar.

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