• The iPhone version of AvPlan EFB is essentially operating in the Full Page Flight Plan Mode at all times.
  • The Weather, Text and Settings tabs are combined in the More tab
  • The Planning tab does not include a “New Flight Plan” item. To create a new plan, use the All flights tab.
  • The En Route tab is renamed the Maps tab, but has the same functionality.
  • Due to reduced screen real estate, the following functionality is not included in the iPhone version:
    • Synthetic Vision
    • HSI
    • Profile View
    • Brightness Control and Fade to Black
    • Note pad
    • Map annotation, but see the description in Enroute>Map Options for further details
    • Procedure plates cannot be overlaid on maps.
    • The Aircraft Type list does not show individual Aircraft instances. They only display when the Type has been selected.
  • The “Locate Point” (magnifying glass) icon is not available, but the Terminal button offers a searchable list of all available airports and navaids to achieve the same outcome.
  • There is no Departure or Next Leg button at the top of the EnRoute page; Use the arrow buttons on the Flight Plan tab to manually control the active leg if required.
  • There its no Direct To button at the top of the Maps page
  • The number of columns of information displayed in the HUD in the iPhone version is reduced by one in order to ensure that the HUD is still readable.

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