Tap this option to enable flags along your route line on the map, giving you important information.

VFR Standard and Plus/Premium subscribers:
TOC Top of climb Based on your planned cruise altitude, the rate of climb in your aircraft profile, and the forecast winds.
TOD Top of Descent Based on your planned cruise altitude, the rate of descent in your aircraft profile, the elevation at the destination airport, and the forecast winds. Note – time to ground level; not time to circuit height.
Plus/Premium subscribers only:
PNR Point of No Return The point along your route, beyond which you won’t have enough endurance to turn around and return to your departure airport
CP Critical Point Can also be thought of as an equal time point. The point, along your route where it’s the same enroute time to continue on to your destination, as it is to return to your departure point. Takes into consideration aircraft performance and forecast winds.

Plus/Premium subscribers may also see multiple Critical Point calculations displayed (where they have been set up in the aircraft profile). These will be labelled depending on what you’ve set them up to be within the aircraft profile. For example:

EMERG Critical Point 1 Critical point for general emergency operations: e.g. single engine at 14000ft
UP Critical Point 2 Critical point for degraded TAS operations: depressurised at 10000ft

In order to see the two CPs displayed, ensure your aircraft profile has a Reduced TAS and Reduced Fuel Flow nominated. See Creating/editing an aircraft type for information about aircraft profile management.

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