Map Options

Show Aircraft Track Toggles the visibility of the aircraft track log
Annotate Map Toggles the ability to add your own annotations to any map. For details of Annotation, please see this part of the Terminal section. Annotations sync across maps and across devices.
This includes syncing to an iPhone, but as the iPhone version of AvPlan does not include a chart annotation option, annotations can only be deleted on the iPad version.
The deletion will also sync across devices
Terrain Overlay This option enables or disables the terrain warning map overlay
Traffic Toggles traffic icons plotted on the map. There may be two sources for this feature: AvPlan Live, or an External ADS-B receiver device is present and connected
Cursor Adds a dotted crosshair over the map. The Lat/Long at the centre of the crosshair is displayed in real-time at the bottom of the screen. Tapping the centre of the crosshairs brings up some very quick User Waypoint options
Show Map Scale Toggles the visibility of the map scale view at the top left of the map
Position Fixes Toggles the visibility of user fixes on the map

Route Options

Show HUD Overlays live information about the current flight plan leg, including current speed/course and ETA over the map among many other options
Course Pointer Adds an animated course indicator to the aircraft, displaying anticipated position in 2, 5 and 10 minutes’ time (assuming groundspeed and track were to remain unchanged)
Distance Rings Toggles visibility of 3, 10 and 25 nautical mile rings around your current aircraft position
Rocket Boxes Adds a brightly coloured box at the beginning of each leg containing the desired track and distance to the next waypoint
Route Annotations Toggles the visibility of Top of Climb (TOC), Top of Descent (TOD), Critical Point (CP) and Point of no Return (PNR) annotations on the flight plan route. These only become visible after a cruise height has been set (and fuel has been loaded – in the case of PNR) in the flight plan.
Route Markers Select none, 10 minute, 6 minute or 10 Nautical Mile markers to be shown along planned track
Hide Flight Plan Toggles the visibility of the route on the map. Only the waypoints remain displayed – useful when reviewing ground track

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