The Flight Logs interface gives you immediate access to recently flown flights: tracks, vertical profiles, speed profiles and key event information.

The Flight Logs list has two parts: flight logs associated with plans that are on your device, and flight logs that are on the AvPlan Live site: these can be for flights associated with plans that have been deleted from your device.

A map will show the track log, which can be panned and zoomed, and a vertical flight profile and speed record.
Flight logs also have a summary of key flight data, accessible via the info (i) button. The flight summary popup window contains the following information.

  • Date
  • Callsign
  • Total Time
  • Flight Time
  • Number of Landings
  • Total Distance flown
  • Average ground Speed
  • Take off time and place
  • Departure time and place
  • Landing time and place
  • “Landed” time and place
  • On blocks time

The Share button at top right can be used to send a link to the AvPlan Live version of the flight log or to export a copy of the log in a variety of formats.

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