The En Route pane displays mapping information. AvPlan EFB overlays all required information over all maps to ensure that you have all the information needed easily at hand, in a format that is easy to understand.

En Route tab

AvPlan EFB combines all Australian charts into three seamless maps:
• MegaVFR,
• En Route Lo, and
• En Route Hi maps.

These maps become more detailed as they zoom in, automatically switching from a WAC view to a VNC to a VTC view (in the case of the MegaVFR).

On top of these maps you can selectively overlay many other features.

Icons found along the EnRoute title bar include:

Direct To Button Find waypoints and begin a direct-to
Brightness Button Adjust screen brightness and screen timeout settings
Help Button Initiate a chat with AvPlan EFB Support
Screen Lock Button Temporarily lock the screen from unintended touches
Search (Locate) Button Search for airports, waypoints, helipads, airspace, SUAs, etc. Note: This button is not available in the iPhone version of the app but the Terminal button offers a searchable list of all available airports and NavAids to achieve the same outcome
Map Selection Button Select between different available maps to display
Weather Overlay Button Select weather-related overlays to be displayed over the map
Map Settings Button Select many different display options

As well as the above buttons, whilst a flight plan is open the following flight plan control buttons will appear:

Departure button Tells AvPlan that you’ve departed and logs the ATD (Actual Time of Departure). See also the description in Startup, taxi and takeoff
Return/Advance buttons Manually advance/regress the current leg that you’re flying

At the bottom-left corner of the map, the following group of buttons appear:

These are used to control the behaviour of the moving-map, and the visibility of extra functions.

Centre Map on Aircraft Button Switches on/off centring the map on your current position
Map Orientation Button Cycles through different map orientations
HSI Button Switches on/off visibility of the Horizontal Situation Indicator
Synthetic Vision Button Switches on/off visibility of the synthetic vision function
Profile View Button Switches on/off visibility of the flight plan profile view

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