Area Briefings are collected and stored here. AvPlan EFB will periodically download the appropriate briefings for the areas of interest.

The areas downloaded depend on two things:

  1. The area(s) your flight plan travels through, or
  2. The area(s) you are viewing on the EnRoute map.

For example: if your flight plan is entirely contained within Area 20, but you have the EnRoute map zoomed out to show all of Australia, all regions will be periodically downloaded.

GAFs and GPWT charts are included in the Area Briefing. Scroll down to the very bottom of the briefing to view them.
AvPlan EFB uses the briefings downloaded to display important information throughout the app, including graphical SIGMETs, Special Use Airspace status, NOTAMs, TAFs and METARs.

When the Refresh/Recalculate button is pressed an immediate retrieval of the latest briefing(s) is commenced. Otherwise, the app automatically retrieves them every 60 minutes. To turn this automatic feature off, see User settings.

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