Plate options (not georeferenced)
Plate options (georeferenced)

Georeferencing status

The Georeferenced/Not Georeferenced status is displayed in the top-left corner of each page.

Georeferenced pages also display the current GPS accuracy in the top-right corner.

Show chart on map

Tapping this option opens the En Route tab, then places the plate on the map in the right position and orientation. You can then fly from map to plate without changing a thing.

Show chart on map example

Use the opacity slider to change the opacity of the plate, then use the Clear button when the plate is no longer needed on the map.

Annotate chart

Any chart in the Terminal pane can be annotated with free notes or typed text.

Tap the Plate Options button at the top of the screen, then select Annotate Chart. A banner will appear at the top of the viewing area with the word Editing in the middle. this indicates that editing is live. You can now notate or highlight text on the page.

  • Select different colours by tapping the palette button.
  • Add typed text by tapping the notepad icon
  • Add freeform notations by tapping the pencil icon

Annotation examples

When finished, to exit Editing mode, tap Done and the Editing banner will go away.

Any notes can be cleared by tapping the bin icon, or selecting Clear Chart from the Plate Options menu. Choose from green, red or blue.

All notes are saved to the chart and will appear each time they are subsequently viewed, until the Clear Chart option has been selected.

Notes and annotations sync between your devices.

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