Table of contents

Table of contents view

  1. To display the Table of Contents (where available) for a selected document, tap on a document to view it.
  2. Select the options icon (to the left of the bookmark icon).
  3. Tap a line to view that section.
  4. Tap away from the menu to dismiss.


Bookmarks can be created for any document.

  1. Tap on the document to display the search bar, and select the Bookmark icon.
  2. Tap Edit if you wish to change the bookmark name.

Searching documents

Most documents are searchable.

Searching occurs at the current level and all levels below; initiating a search before opening a folder in the Text pane will therefore search the entire text library. Opening a folder and initiating a search will search all documents within the open folder. If a specific document is open, then only that specific document will be searched.

To initiate a search:

  1. Tap on the Magnifying Glass Icon to display the search menu.
  2. Enter your text and then tap on the row corresponding to the desired location in the document.

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