Tapping the Brightness button brings up the following dialogue:

Slide the Brightness slider right to make the screen brighter, or left to make it darker.

Fade to Black

Enabling Fade to Black allows AvPlan EFB to fade the screen after a preset timeframe (set by the slider).

The app will still be fully active while faded (tracking your progress, calculating times to the next waypoint, etc), but the backlight will be switched off and the faded screen will simply show Screen dimmed. Tap to restore.

A single tap on the screen will restore it to the previous brightness setting.

Screen dimmed


  • device’s battery lasts a little longer
  • less internal heat generated – less chance of a temperature-related shutdown in summer
  • fewer visual distractions
  • can easily return to normal display with a single tap

Advanced night mode

Advanced night mode can be set up to smartly invert the colours of certain parts of the app, while retaining the colours of important things like maps, etc.

Tap here to view Advanced Night Mode set up instructions.

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