The SPFIB/IFIS Briefing displays a tailored route briefing for your flight plan.

This briefing product displays only information relevant to the areas and locations that will be overflown, including

  • Weather information
    • TAFs along the planned route
    • Area QNH settings along the route
    • FIR Airmets and Sigmets relevant to the route
    • METARS and ATIS information
  • Area Domestic HF Primary & Secondary frequencies
  • GPS RAIM information
  • NOTAMs
  • Area Forecasts
    • GAFs
    • GPWT Forecasts

The current primary and secondary .

The Update button at the top will display only the changes between the original briefing and the current conditions, saving you having to work out what, if anything, has changed.

Known Limitations of SPFIBs

  • When flying an IFR route it is often the case that the route waypoint over an airport does not have the same identifier as the airport. In such cases, an SPFIB for a plan including such a route will not retrieve the TAF, if one exists, at the overflown airport. A specific example of this NAIPS “feature” can be found at Wangaratta. The airfield identifier is YWGT. YWGT is blessed with a TAF service. The published route W465 between Mangalore and Albury, for example, passes directly overhead YWGT via the waypoint LUTVU. A correctly filed plan using W465 therefore goes via LUTVU rather than YWGT. An SPFIB request for this route will therefore not return a TAF for Wangaratta.
  • The SPFIB briefing from NAIPS will fail if you are using a plan that has been previously successfully filed without first clearing the plan for re-use.

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