If no internet access is available, it is possible to manually send flight plans or aircraft models from one iOS device to another locally via AirDrop.

To transfer a flight plan using this method:

  1. Complete flight planning on your first (source) device – iPad/iPhone
  2. Power up your second (target) device and start AvPlan EFB
  3. Ensure both devices have Air Drop activated:
    1. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reveal Control Centre
    2. Press and hold on the Aeroplane Mode icon
    3. Tap AirDrop
    4. Select Everyone
    5. Dismiss Control Centre by tapping the AvPlan EFB screenshot
  4. On your source device tap the Send/Share icon below the flight plan
  5. Select Send Flight Plan to App from the menu
  6. Wait until your target device appears in the AirDrop section of the popup
  7. Tap to select
  8. On your target device, tap Accept from the popup options
  9. Your flight plan should now be present on both devices

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