Clicking on the AvPlane Live Website link in Settings>AvPlan Live will take you to the AvPlan Live Tracking website.

You can also access it directly here: AvPlan Live Website.

However you access it, you need to login with your AvPlan-EFB credentials to use the AvPlan-Live site.

When signed in you will be able to see:


  • Detailed charts showing airspace and live (current) traffic data. These maps are customisable, with choices for
    • VFR
    • IFR Low and
    • IFR High
  • And layers for
    • Lightning
    • Weather Radar and
    • Infra Red Satellite imagery

The charts are highly detailed: zoom in to discover just how rich they are.


This screen gives you access to a list of all your TrackLogs. Selecting one will display it on the map, with options to highlight particular flight events (e.g. off-blocks, takeoff, departure, landing, on blocks etc

Data Export

Yo can export the data from a log in any of three formats: GPX, KML or CSV. KML files can be opened directly in Google Earth, for example, to display your flight. All location data are from the GPS in your device (or connected to it by bluetooth) while you were flying, so altitdues will generally be “off” by the GPS vertical error at the time.

Takeoff from Moorabbin


Under the Account button you can see:

  • the status of your subscriptions and purchases
  • details of your credit cards with options to delete them and/or add new ones as desired
  • a list of all devices that are currently signed in to your AvPlan account, with the ability to remotely sign them out if required (see also Managing Devices and Settings>User Devices)
  • a facility to set up a unique link for live flight sharing that you can email to friends and family if desired.
  • a Flight Sharing facility with a tool to create a link to your live flight progress if you wish to share it with others.

and finally,


If you are a member of a group of groups, you will see them here. If you are a group admin, you will also have the ability to perform admin tasks for the group from here.

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