The Detailed Performance page provides the ability to define one or more optional detailed performance models for the aircraft type.

More than one performance model associated with an aircraft type is supported. Each should be given a meaningful name and can be selected for use when creating a flight plan. A model is built with series of altitudes and temperatures and the performance values at those altitudes.

Detailed performance models are of particular use in turbine powered aircraft where aircraft performance is a strong function of altitude (and temperature). For piston engined aircraft typically operating below 10,000’, detailed performance tables can also be configured for different power settings, but are not essential.

Creating a profile

To create a detailed model, select the Performance tab:

  1. Press + to create a new performance model.
  2. Enter a suitable name (e.g. ‘75% Power’, ‘ISA Max Cruise’ or ‘ISA+10 Long Range Cruise’ etc).
  3. Press < Performance to go back. You will notice that the new performance model has been created, but is empty.

To build the performance model:

  1. Select the Edit icon on the bottom of that window.
  2. To add a new row, press Add. Each row is a snapshot of the aircraft’s performance at a given altitude and temperature.
  3. Values from the flight manual can then be added for each row. Go back to the Performance view and add rows as required.
  4. The more entries, the more accurate fuel/flight planning will be. A single engine piston aircraft may only need a handful of entries to cover its performance spectrum, whereas a turbine powered aircraft will benefit from more entries as the performance values change rapidly with altitude.
  5. AvPlan EFB will linearly interpolate values between altitudes listed in a performance profile.

Deleting a Detailed Performance profile

To delete a performance profile tap Delete Profile. A window will pop up asking which profile is to be deleted.

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