The Select Callsign button allows you to select a different aircraft profile from the one automatically selected by AvPlan EFB.

When creating a new flight plan, AvPlan EFB automatically re-selects the callsign from your last used flight plan.

To apply an existing aircraft and performance model to the plan:

  1. Select the aircraft callsign.
  2. If more than one detailed performance profile is available for the type, select desired performance profile.
  3. If no detailed performance profile is available, the basic performance values are used.
  4. To add a new aircraft, tap the + icon at the top of the aircraft pop-up view.

You can also change the selected aircraft (callsign) by tapping on the Callsign button at top left, and/or you can select the performance table for the aircraft (if there are any) from the Performance selection button at top right.

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