Basic Pilot Information

The name and contact details for one or more pilots can be entered here, along with the Pilot’s signature Callsign if operationally required.

NAIPS/IFIS credentials

Your NAIPS and/or IFIS credentials are entered here.

Provided that your device has internet access AvPlan will immediately query NAIPS. When correct NAIPS credentials have been supplied AvPlan will retrieve the pilot’s NAIPS details and display them. Similarly for IFIS.

If unsuccessful, an error will be displayed. Hence successful retrieval of NAIPS information confirms correct entry of pilot credentials.

Note that IFIS prevents logins from outside of New Zealand, so even if you have valid IFIS details you will receive an error message if IFIS determines that your login is being attempted from somewhere beyond NZ.

NAIPS password expiry

Airservices Australia automatically expires all NAIPS user passwords every six months. Hence if you do not update your password via the NAIPS website every six months, your NAIPS password will expire and the fun will stop.

On startup AvPlan checks your NAIPS credentials be attempting to Log In to NAIPS. If your password will soon be due for a change, NAIPS responds to the Log In with a message to that effect. AvPlan recognises this condition and then prompts you to change your NAIPS password via the AvPlan interface. This easy method of NAIPS password-refresh is only offered once during each AvPlan session. i.e. once per app start.

If you choose to ignore the prompt, but would still like to use AvPlan to change your password before it has in fact expired, then simply kill and restart AvPlan on your device. You will once again be prompted, assuming that your device is connected to the internet.

If you choose to ignore the prompt until the password has actually expired, then your NAIPS password will need to be changed manually on the NAIPS website, and updated in your AvPlan pilot profile.

We recommend that you do not ignore the prompt.

Pilot Capabilities

This line is used to populate a RMK/ entry into the flight plan and is aimed at pilots flying with an AustraIian Private Instrument Rating (PIR, sometimes referred to as PIFR), allowing you to list your Flight Procedure Approvals (FPAs). The entry does not require “RMK/” as AvPlan inserts this automatically when a plan is submitted. For PIFR FPAs the format is best summarised in the table at AIP ENR 1.10 – 33, where the last example for multiple FPAs shows an appropriate set of credentials in a single group (but please remember that you do not need to enter “RMK/”).

If you have a full Instrument Rating (IR, previously known as a command rating), simply leave this field blank.

Multiple Pilots. (For Enterprise administrators only)

Handy for charter operators using shared devices:

To add a new pilot profile, tap the + button in the top right hand corner.

To delete a pilot profile swipe left on the name and tap the Delete button.

When more than one pilot profile has been created, a default pilot should be selected from the list of pilots by tapping on that pilot’s name. Details of the default pilot are used in Flight Plan submissions, and will also appear at the bottom of Load Sheets.

A Pilot profile can be edited at any time by tapping on the info button.

Pilot Profiles, by default, automatically sync between your devices. If you do not wish to sync pilot profiles between your devices, then turn on Disable User Content Syncing in Settings>User Settings

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