Enabling Pilot Weather Reports displays PIREPs (otherwise known as Pilot REPorts) on the map.

PIREPs are a valuable way of communicating real in-flight observations to other AvPlan EFB users.

A PIREP will be visible for two hours after submission. To read more about submitting a PIREP, refer to Submitting PIREPs.

When the Pilot Weather Reports option is turned on, PIREPs appear on the map in the position they were submitted.

Double-tapping the icon will expand the PIREP to display its full details:

The following required information will be included:

UA or UUA used to identify the PIREP as routine (UA) or urgent (UUA)
/OV location of the PIREP
/TM time the PIREP was received from the pilot
/FL flight level or altitude above sea level at the time the PIREP is filed
/TP aircraft type

optional info to be reported and displayed:

/SK sky cover
/TA temperature
/WV wind velocity
/TB turbulence
/IC icing
/RM remarks

Each PIREP will be accompanied by the following icon:

Nil turbulence
Smooth/light turbulence
Light turbulence
Light to moderate turbulence
Moderate turbulence
Moderate to severe turbulence
Severe turbulence
Extreme turbulence
Nil icing
Trace icing
Trace to light icing
Light icing
Light to moderate icing
Moderate icing
Moderate to severe icing
Severe icing

To return the PIREP to its compact view, simply double-tap it again.

For further information about how to read PIREPs, visit: www.m0a.com/how-to-read-pireps/

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