AvPlan 9.7 and up has the ability to simulate flying along a planned route. This allows you to adjust settings and to explore what works best for you while stationary on the ground.

To access this mode you can turn on the Internal Simulator in Map Settings. A Sim button will appear at the top of the En route pane.

To use the Internal Simulator

  • Select a Flight plan that you would like to simulate flying plan and open Or tea e open)
  • Turn on the simulator with the Sim button.
  • Tell AvPlan
    • The location at which you wish to start simulating the flight. This would usually be the departure location in the plan, but you could start from anywhere.
    • The ground speed that you will fly and the multiplier (Time speed) if you want to speed things up for training or demonstration purposes
    • The altitude you want to climb to
    • The vertical speed for the climb
    • The magnetic track that you will fly
  • Tap Start

The Sim button will now turn Red to indicate that AvPlan is now in Internal Simulation mode, and not tracking your real-life position.

Note that the simulator ignores your chosen aircraft performance and ignores real wind data. It just flies according to the parameters chosen above.

You can change AvPlan settings at any time during a simulated flight to see how they impact what you experience as the flight progresses.

If the plan requires a track change between legs, simply tap the Sim button and change the track in the menu… if you type in a value that doesn’t equal the track in the current leg, you will see your aircraft diverge from the planned route.

If you want to simulate a climb to higher altitude or a descent to a lower one, simply change the target altitude. The vertical speed in descent used by the simulator will be the negative of what you have input for the climb.

What the Sim shows

The following functions all work as though you are actually flying, assuming you have enabled them

  • Route annotations (top of climb, top of descent, PNRs and critical points (depending on your subscription level).
  • Frequency change and CTA boundary warnings including audible announcements.
  • HUD
  • Course pointer
  • Distance rings
  • Route markers
  • Rocket boxes
  • Show Aircraft Track
  • Traffic is disabled during simulation- you won’t see traffic even if you have turned traffic on.

Sharing the siumulation

If you have a Pro/Premium level subscription you can share the simulated aircraft location with other AvPlan users on the same local network. This might be handy in a classroom situation.The other users must be:

Stopping the Simulation

Tap the Sim button, then tap Stop. This stops the Simulation and turns the Sim button back to being white on dark grey-blue. If you restart the simulation it will restart at the starting location in the menu.

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