When enabled, known fuel prices are displayed on the map.

  • The Fuel type (AVGAS, MOGAS or Jet-A) displayed on the map is automatically selected depending on the default fuel assigned to current aircraft profile within the flight plan.
  • When no flight plan is currently open, the default fuel type from the last used aircraft profile is displayed.

Each entry on the map is colour-coded (green, orange or red) depending on the part of the price spectrum they fall in to:

Green shows fuel available in the cheaper end of the spectrum
Yellow represents prices in the middle band
Orange shows prices in the higher end of the spectrum

The coloured price bands are derived from the prices for the visible icons and are representative of the difference between the highest and the lowest fuel prices displayed. The icons are colour coded based on which of the calculated low, medium and high bands the associated fuel price falls into. Note that icon colours may change when you zoom and pan the map. This is because the price bands are recalculated to reflect the fuel prices on display.

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