The Plan/Fly switch changes the app from planning mode, to one that will be used in flight.

  • When Fly mode is activated:
    • Your ‘Off Blocks’ time is logged
    • The GPS in your device is turned on (if not already running)
    • Manually edited flight plan altitudes do not auto-fill down the plan
    • The map scroll speed is slower (so a flick does not accidentally pan the map off screen)
    • Changes the Terrain Overlay and the Flight Profile modes to show terrain proximity based on your GPS altitude and not flight plan altitude
    • Requires a longer tap (≈0.2 seconds) to bring up the Nearest Items window within the En Route pane
    • Your track flown is being logged to the currently open flight plan
  • When Plan mode is re-activated:
    • Track logging ceases
    • Your ‘On Blocks’ time is logged
    • Map scroll speed and Nearest Items tap length requirement returns to normal
    • Manually edited flight plan altitudes auto-fill down the plan

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