AvPlan Live is a feature included with all subscription levels. When the feature is Enabled and your device has an internet connection, then AvPlan Live allows:

  • Live sharing of your own position to other AvPlan users who have Live Tracking enabled.
  • Live traffic from other AvPlan EFB users and other data sources to be (optionally) displayed on your EnRoute pane (updated every 8-10 seconds)
  • Live sharing of your flight progress to a website so that friends and loved ones can follow you via web browser: You can set up the sharing link up via the AvPlan Live website, which allows you to create and then send a special link so that they can view your aircraft position any time you’re in the air provided that Share active flight plan is enabled

Other settings allow you to control how much information about your flight is shared with other AvPlan EFB users.

  • If you wish to remain anonymous, then tick Hide Callsign
  • If you only wish to share your current position, tick Hide Callsign and untick Share active flight plan.
    • Other AvPlan EFB users will then only see a traffic target with height and groundspeed figures.


*The NOTIFICATIONS item allows you to enter a suitable phone number for SMS notifications of takeoff and landing events. (This can also be enabled/disabled via the AvPlan Live website via the “Account” Section). SMS Messages will be sent to the entered numbers any time AvPlan is in Fly mode and detects a takeoff or a landing. Details sent will be Callsign, “Took off” or “Landed” at Location & Runway. For takeoffs, a link will be provided for live tracking.

  • Multiple numbers can be entered; as many as you need.
  • On an iPhone, tap the ‘Done’ button to complete number entry
    • To remove a phone number so that messages are no longer sent to it, swipe left, and tap Delete
  • Advantages of sharing your details include:
    • The ability for others see that you are nearby, and then contact you over the radio if they wish to ask you a question or let you know they’re in the vicinity
    • The ability for others to see where you are heading, and possibly whether you’ll be in conflict with them, and vice versa.

Live tracking website

The Live tracking website item will open the AvPlan Live website in a browser on your device, assuming that the device has an internet connection.

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