AvPlan Live options

AvPlan Live is a feature included with all subscription levels. When the feature is active and combined with a data connection, AvPlan Live allows:

  • Live traffic from other AvPlan EFB users and other data sources that can be optionally displayed on your EnRoute pane (updated every 8-10 seconds)
  • Live flight progress sharing to a website so friends and loved ones can follow you from a web browser
  • Create and send a special link to friends or loved ones so they can view your aircraft position any time you’re in the air (i.e. not tied to a specific flight plan)

These settings allow you to control how much information about your flight is shared with other AvPlan EFB users.

  • If you only wish to share your traffic position, tick Hide Callsign and untick Share active flight plan.
    • Other AvPlan EFB users will then only see a traffic target with height and groundspeed figures.
  • Advantages of sharing your details include:
    • The ability for others to contact you over the radio directly if they wish to ask you a question or let you know they’re in the vicinity
    • The ability for others to see where you are heading, and possibly whether you’ll be in conflict with them, and vice versa.

The AvPlan Live Website item is a link to the AvPlan Live website.

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