The Print/Send screen allows individual pages to be printed, or emailed to another app on your device (e.g. Dropbox, iBooks, etc).

Print/Send screen

The following items can be printed/emailed/sent (as a .PDF) to another app:

  • Flight plans.
  • Blank plan forms.
  • Load sheets.
  • NAIPS submission verification.
  • Weather forecasts.
  • SPFIB Briefings
  • ERSA/DAP pages for each leg in the active flight plan.

Scroll down the page to view all documentation associated with the planned flight.

Any document thumbnail with a green tick will be included in the document package. Tap a thumbnail to select/deselect.

The Toggle button on each section inverts the selection for all items within that section.

Or, you can use the Clear All or the Select All to change all in one go.

Once you have selected your desired documents, tap the Send/Share icon (in the top-right of the screen) to select your delivery method.

Saving paper

You can control whether either one or two plates/plans etc are printed per page of the printed or sent/emailed PDF document by toggling “Print plates one per page” in User Settings. If you don’t set this, then the default is to put two plates on each page to halve the amount of paper used when printing. You can of course also chose to print double-sided via your device’s printing interface.

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