The App is available as a free download with a one month fully featured free trial via the Apple App Store. After 30 days, the app requires a periodic subscription. The base subscription is a Standard (VFR) package. There are optional upgrades (VFR Plus upgrade, Premium upgrade, the Australian Country Airstrip guide and others) that can be added to the base subscription if desired.

Subscriptions purchased from inside the app (which uses Apple’s App Store) will not automatically renew at the completion of the subscription period.

Subscriptions purchased via are set to automatically renew by default at the time of purchase.

  • The AvPlan VFR Standard subscription enables use of the app, with the AIP, ERSA and VFR maps available (VTC, VNC, WAC, ERC Low and PCA). At the completion of the subscription period the app will no longer function.
  • The Premium upgrade adds the ability to view approach plates and associated IFR documentation (i.e. DAP and IFR Charts (ERC H, ERC L, TAC)).
  • The Plus upgrade adds geo referenced airport taxi diagrams. The Premium upgrade also gives geo-referenced approach plates. These show your aircraft location, flight plan route and stored ground track. These charts can also be overlaid on the Mega charts.
  • Optionally in Australia, a subscription to the AOPA airstrips guide or the FlightAce® Country Airstrips Guide can be purchased.
    • AOPA provides a text-based information enhancement for many Australian airstrips (large and small), containing largely pilot-sourced information.
    • The Country Airstrips Guide is a set of data sheets created by FlightAce® for many small Australian ALAs. Each one has a mud-map and a standardised set of data fields.

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