AvPlan EFB allows easy flight plan submission to the correct aviation authority.

Depending on which country/region your flight plan departs from, AvPlan EFB automatically offers the correct authority option within the Planning tab.

  • Submitting via IFIS

Notes about Callsigns

  1. AvPlan EFB will submit the callsign provided by the selected aircraft profile unless the callsign has been ‘overidden’ by a Callsign in the selected Pilot profile.
    The ability to override an aircraft callsign for flight plan submission purposes has been included for use by Military or Emergency Service organisations that always use the same callsign for a particular pilot, regardless of the airframe being flown.
  2. When you tap Planning > Submit ICAO Flight Plan via NAIPS to submit your plan, you will notice that the Callsign field is editable. Any change made to the Callsign at this point will only persist for the current flight plan. It will not be saved to either the active Aircraft definition or the active Pilot Profile.

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