Select the Book icon (on the top right of the screen) to display an interface for searching information about any airport (or navigational aid not associated with an airport).

Tapping the book icon brings up two columns: on the left, a list of either the nearest airports/heliports or the airports in the currently plan, depending on what has been selected, with a search field at the top. On the right, a list of favourite aerodrome plates, if any have been selected, and a list of plates etc associated with the most recently selected aerodrome named at the top of the column.

With the Nearby option selected, you can tap in the search field and either search for the identifier or the full name of a location to bring it up. If Plan has been selected, searching will be restricted to waypoints that are in the plan.

When an airport or navigational aid can be found, the right column displays available documents for that location, including

  • All “Favourites” that have been created (for any location- not just the search location)
  • Weather and NOTAMs for the location, if data exist, and a current weather indication tool if the location has a METAR/SPECI
  • Associated ERSA FAC and RDS pages
  • Apron charts if they exist
  • DAPs (Airport diagrams and Procedural charts)
  • Country Airstrip Guide page if there is one (only if the CAG has been subscribed to)
  • User documents that have been associated with the terminal via DropBox

Scroll the list down/up if there are many listed documentslisted.

Setting, and getting quick access to favourites

Terminal Favourites

Tap the star icon to the right of the page you wish to always appear at the top of the list, regardless of which field is selected at the time.

To un-star a page, tap the star once again and it will disappear from the favourites.

Star multiple favourites to enable rapid access to selected plates.

Two-finger swipe for rapid plate access

To get quickly to favourite plates for the currently selected airport from anywhere in the airport’s terminal section, use a two-finger swipe . The first swipe will take you to the first of any favourites plates. Further two-finger swipes take you to the next or previous favourite. A single finger swipe acts as normally and simply moves to the next or previous terminal chart.

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