The Edit Mode toggle button puts the plan in Edit mode.

Edit mode allows you to:

  • Delete individual legs (with red icon on the left of each waypoint)
  • Pick up and move individual legs (with the grey icon on the right of each wayponit)
  • Enter user winds in the winds column. To clear a user wind, delete the contents of the cell
  • Add a flight plan leg to the bottom of a flight plan stage (with the green + icon)
  • Manually enter TAS data

Edit Mode

A number of buttons appear at the bottom of the flight plan (below the flight summary). These allow you to:

  • Clear the plan for re-use:
    • Clears flight times, track logs, fixes and passenger lists from the plan, so the plan can be reused. Note: When clearing the flight times, the submission status (Filed OK/File Failed/Not Filed) is also cleared. See also the “Quick Method”)
  • Alter the plan:
    • Reverse flight plan. When this button is tapped, flight plan legs are added to the end of the plan back to the point of origin. For example, an A – B – C flight plan then becomes A – B – C – B – A
    • Invert flight plan. When this button is tapped, the flight plan is flipped (i.e. departure becomes destination). For example, an A – B – C flight plan then becomes C – B – A
    • Append other flight plans to the end of the current plan. This can be used to copy a flight plan as well (i.e. append a flight plan to the end of a blank plan)
      • Selecting this option brings up a window with the list of flight plans currently saved on the device. Scroll the list up and down to view the full list
      • Tapping on one will cause AvPlan EFB to extract the waypoints from that plan and install them in the current plan. The current plan could be a new plan with no waypoints yet, or a partially completed plan. In the case where waypoints are already in the plan, the appended waypoints will appear at the end
      • Using the Append Plan feature does not affect the data in the saved plan (for example, track logs, times, passenger manifests, etc)

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