Flight plans can be synchronised between a user’s multiple devices. When Synchronisation is turned on and the device has an internet connection, then the process is automatic.

A sync to the AvPlan Cloud is performed at two points in time:

  1. Plans are automatically saved and uploaded upon closing the plan and returning to the flight plan library. (See Opening, Closing and Saving plans).
  1. When you manually perform a sync. Tap the Send/Share icon at the footer of the flight plan table, then select Sync Plan via Cloud. This process can be used to force synchronisation if, for example, you have created or made changes to a plan while not connected to the internet and wish to sync when internet connection has been re-established.

A Busy symbol is displayed during the sync’ process. the synced plan will automatically appear in the library of your other signed-in devices.

Flight plans that appear with a cloud icon are on the AvPlan Cloud, but are not present on the current device. Simply tap a flight plan to import it and make it available on the current device.

When the same flight plan is open at the same time on another linked device and is edited on either one, a prompt will appear on the other: ‘Updated Flightplan Available’; with an option to Cancel or Import changes. This capability makes the transition (for example – in flight) from a primary device to a secondary device seamless.

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