The FBO tab is a facility that allows AvPlan users to update fuel prices at airports. As the information is User-updated the prices shown reflect the most recently updated values.

If an airport has no FBO, you can add one by pressing the blue add button then Giving the provider a name and phone number.

Having created a provider, press the button again to add a fuel type. A menu will appear listing possible fuel types- select the one you want to add. Repeat the add fuel process if more than one type of fuel is available, and repeat the add provider process if there is more than one fuel provider.

This will create an FBO page for the airport that can now have fuel prices entered. FBO entries created in this manner become available and visible to all AvPlan users.

When enabled in the Map view, known fuel prices are displayed on the current map. Fuel type (Jet-A1, AvGAS our MoGAS) is automatically selected depending on the current aircraft profile within the flight plan. When no flight plan is currently open, the fuel type from the last used aircraft profile is displayed.

The colour coding of the displays is explained in the EnRoute Fuel Availability section

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