This section also allows you to enable, set up and examine the status of connections to Avidyne and Dynon panel displays.

For both kinds of display the key interface element is an Enable Button.

For Dynon displays the configuration interface allows you to:

  • Enable Dynon Connection
  • Use Dynon as a GPS Source
  • Use Dynon as AHRS Source

Then the interface displaces The following status and attribute details:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Firmware version
  • Flight Plan Download Available

For Avidyne displays, as well as an Enable button, the following diagnostics are presented:

  • Connection state
  • Device IP address
  • Device software version
  • Device State
  • Flight Plan Upload status
  • Flight Plan Download status
  • AHRS availability

An Avidyne IFD connected to your AvPlan device by WiFi will also send GPS data to your device.

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