This is particularly useful if you need to load waypoints issued by a dispatching system.

You can use a lat/long, or a bearing and distance from a known point.
For example, a waypoint named RIVERBEND at 050 magnetic from Adelaide airport at 10nm can be loaded via a URL that looks like this:

  • avwpt://YPAD05010?name=RIVERBEND

Or in Lat/Long format, like this (where the Lat and long are in ddmmss)

  • avwpt://S345145E1384221?name=RIVERBEND

or this (where Lat and Long are in dd.dddd. The number of decimal places is not specified, but less than three may introduce significant error)

  • avwpt://S34.857E138.7035?name=RIVERBEND

Tap on the waypoint URL in a document (or on a web page) on a device running AvPlan, and it will open a dialogue that enables you to save the waypoint, or even use it for an immediate Direct-To if required. The dialogue box also shows the bearing and distance to the waypoint from your current position.

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