AvPlan EFB can be linked to Dropbox to enable quick importation of PDF documents. When you link to Dropbox a folder in your Dropbox account called ‘AvPlan EFB’ will be created. Copy any PDF documents into the folder that you wish to make available inside AvPlan. The documents will then be viewable inside the Text/DropBox/xyz folder where you have saved them.

  1. Ensure you have the Dropbox app installed on the device, and that app is signed in to the particular Dropbox account you wish to use for storage.
  2. Within AvPlan EFB, tap Text > Dropbox, then tap on the Link Account button and follow the prompts to allow permissions etc. This process will also create a folder in your Dropbox folder/file structure called AvPlan EFB (inside the Apps folder).
  3. Any files you add to this folder will sync via the cloud and be visible in AvPlan via Text > Dropbox. The first time you open one of these files it will save to the device.

In addition, if you create sub-folders in your ‘AvPlan EFB’ folder named with an airport name or identifier, navaid identifier or the name of a user waypoint, then any files within that folder that are PDF documents will appear on the Terminal pane when viewing that airport, navaid or user waypoint.

For example, you are invited to a fly-in event at Echuca. The organisers send you taxiing and parking instructions in a PDF file.

To do this:

  1. Open your Dropbox app, or open Dropbox on your desktop computer.
  2. Create a subfolder called YECH within the AvPlan EFB folder.
  3. Inside the newly created YECH folder, place the document(s) and it/they will appear at the end of the usual documents in the Terminal page for Echuca. (i.e. swiping right-to-left)

You can create folders for anything that you might like to access while using AvPlan.. Just create them inside the AvPlan-EFB folder and drop pdf files inside.

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