AvPlan EFB is significantly different from other EFB apps. It is structured around a flight plan, and not just a GPS replacement. Your electronic flight log is always visible (in most modes, see App Display Modes) and does not obscure any detail or functionality inside the rest of the application.

The Flight Plan part of the display is either an active Flight Plan or a Library of saved Flight Plans shown on the left of the screen in landscape mode, or at the top or bottom of the screen in Portrait mode. It can be displayed or hidden using the Flight Plan Show/Hide button on the left of the top menu bar.

The other, larger pane on the screen has multiple uses, with the following optional views:

Planning A step by step set of tools to work through a complete planning process
En Route Charts, airspace, traffic and much more. Everything for in-flight situational awareness
Terminal Airfield ERSA FAC and DAP pages, Airport TAFs, METARS and COMMS info, NOTAMS, Country Airfield Guide pages (optional), Satellite view and FBO information
Weather Access to GAFs, Area Forecasts, SIGWX, GPWT, Synoptic charts and more
Text Complete AIP, AIP SUPs, ERSA GEN, VFRG, CAOs, ACs, CAAPs, CASR, CARs, POHs and more
Notepad A Place to make in-flight notes
Settings AvPlan settings and data management tools

The icon of the currently active pane is now indicated with a thick white bar underneath as in the EnRoute example above. This is intended to provide a simple visual cue as to which part of the app its active. It has no other significance.

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