Adding a new stage to a plan

To create a multi-stage flight plan

  1. Create the first stage of the plan
  2. Tap on the New stage button at the bottom of the plan
    1. A new stage is created
    2. The last waypoint is from the previous stage is added as the first waypoint
  3. Add the waypoint(s) to complete the second stage flight plan
  4. You can do the same again to the final waypoint of the second stage to create a third, and so on.
  • Each stage will have its own summary, with a whole flight plan summary at the bottom

Inserting a stage in a plan

To insert a stage into a plan, you have two methods to achieve the goal. (They do the same thing):

  1. Tap and hold on the place you want to land to reveal the Leg Settings menu
    1. From the menu, select Land Here, or;
  2. Tap on the place you want to land to open the Terminal pane
    1. tap on the Land button

Removing a stage

If you wish to remove the extra landing point, tap the Overfly button that appears in the stage summary.

Pressing the Overfly button will stitch the two stages back together and removes the duplicated waypoint.

Working with Multi-stage plans

Altitude optimisation

The Planning>Optimise Altitudes page has a table of data for each stage, so you can select the optimum altitude stage by stage

Loading, weight and balance and fuel planning

Each stage has its own Planning>loading, weight and balance and fuel planning page in the Planning section. These are accessed by swiping right to left and vice-versa between the loading pages.
The fuel remaining at the end of a stage is automatically carried forward to the next stage, but can be overridden. Pax and cargo also carry forward by default, but can be overwritten

Load sheets

Planning>Print/View load sheets generates a separate load sheet for each stage

Submitting Multi-Stage plans

Provided you assign an ETD to each stage, Planning>Submit ICAO flight plan via NAIPS (or IFIS) will submit a multi-stage plan. Be sure to have ETDs that make sense when doing this, (including the dates).

Hint for a happy life: beware the temptation to file a multi-stage plan that spans more than a day. In real life many pilots find that they need to change the latter stages of a plan before setting off on a subsequent stage. All of this works fine, but it is often easier to manage with separate plans for separate days.

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