Additional Overlays (KML files)

As well as the supplied overlays above, you can optionally import KML/KMZ overlays of your own design. These can be created in tools like Google Earth – for example: highlight the fenceline of a property for fence inspections.

To import them, either open them from an email or AirDrop them to your device, then select ‘Open in AvPlan EFB’. They will automatically sync to your other device(s).

Imported KML/KMZ overlays will appear under the ‘Additional Overlays’ subheading in the Map Settings menu. Place a tick next to the layer(s) you wish to display.
To delete an imported overlay, swipe the row from right-to-left, which will reveal a Delete button.

Convert a KML overlay to a Flight Plan (Premium feature only)

To convert a KLM overlay into a Flight Plan (i.e. create a new plan and populate it with KML waypoints) swipe the row right to left and tap on the green To Plan button.

Additional Overlay files: format conversions

To import an overlay which has been created in GPX format it must first be converted to a KML file. This can be done with any third part conversion tool. One that has been found to work is available at . If you find a better conversion tool, please send us an email with details.

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