AvPlan allows Premium subscribers to add an RNP (RNAV, GNSS) Approach to a Flight Plan. This is easily accomplished by using the drag and drop technique to insert the Initial Approach Fix (IAF) of an RNP approach prior to the terminal waypoint in the plan.

The drag and drop method of waypoint insertion can be used on any chart; whether VFR or IFR, or on the Approach plate itself. It may be helpful to turn on show IFR waypoints in the Map Overlays menu to aid in selecting the desired IAF waypoint.

Step 1 (Optional). Add a waypoint to the inbound track

By adding a User Waypoint about 25 miles out from the destination we allow AvPlan to create a sensible looking route from that point to the RNP IAF. Otherwise, when we insert the RNP the track line will be drawn to the IAF from wherever the previous waypoint was. If this is a long way from the 25 mile point, then the track line may not be sensible.

Step 2. Drag a point on the inbound track close to the location of the desired RNP IAF

In this case we have dragged the track line to MIAEC; the Echo Charlie IAF of the Mildura 27 RNP

Step 3. Confirm selection of the IAF waypoint

The waypoint dialogue box will offer a list of waypoints near the “dropped” location. Hit the button to add the desired waypoint to the plan.

Step 4. Confirm the RNP Approach

At this point AvPlan will automatically offer to insert the chosen RNP. To confirm that this is the desired action, simply tap on the approach name. If the intention is to only add the IAF, without the Intermediate Fix (IF), the Final Fix (FAF) and the Missed Approach Point (MAPt), then tap on Cancel. Please note that this automated RNP approach insertion only works in Australia at present.

The RNP approach is inserted into the plan.

AvPlan inserts the rest of the RNP Approach into the plan starting at the selected IAF, and draws it on the chart.

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