Flight Plan Library view

Your flight plan library contains all your flight plans (except ones that you have deleted). By default your plans appears in date order, with the newest at the top, but they can alternately be shown in a custom order that you have manually defined.

Library Order

You can choose either the default or custom order by tapping the Plan Order button: and selecting either Date our Custom.

If your plans are listed in the default date-order then they will be grouped into blocks by Month & Year, with any plans having an ETD that is in the future appearing in a Block labelled Upcoming Flights..

If you opt to use a custom order, then your plans and folders will display in whatever order you specify, with Upcoming Flights still in a separately labelled block. To move plans or folders to a different position in the order, simply tap and hold the plan or folder until it highlights, then drag and and drop it to the desired position.

Library Structure: Folders

At the top level of the library (called All Flights) you can see individual plans and, if you have defined them, folders. The folders can either contain plans or more folders that contain plans, or both. You can create a nested hierarchy of folders if you need to; your choice!

To create a folder, tap on the Folder icon , type in a Folder name, and confirm it by tapping on the “Add” button.

On-device or In the Cloud

At any level, the Flight plan Library contains two kinds of plans:

Local Flight Plans Plans that are stored on the device. Plans in this section appear with a document icon
Other Flight Plans Plans that have been synced to/saved on the AvPlan-EFB cloud server but are not saved on the current device. Plans in this section appear with a cloud icon

To load a plan from the cloud server onto your local device, simply locate the desired plan and tap it. It will download and import, and the cloud icon will be replaced by a document icon. The plan can now be opened, viewed and edited as if it was originally created on the device.

Basic Flight Plan data

Each plan in the Library is displayed with a block of basic data that describes it:

Flight Plan library entries Flight Plan library data block contents
  • Departure and arrival landing points, or a custom name entered by you.
  • Callsign
  • Flight rules
  • Aircraft callsign.
  • The ETD, ETE and ETA (only if an ETD has been entered; otherwise the ETD and ETA fields will appear as (—:—). ETD and ETA are in Local Time at the departure and destination points if the plan is saved while the device is connected to the internet; otherwise the times are UTC. The Local Time zones are shown.
  • The date in Local Time that the plan was created or last modified
  • The total distance
  • If a Plan has been successfully submitted the status is displayed as “Filed OK”

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