This feature is only available to Plus and Premium subscribers.

To navigate to the Passenger Manifest view, tap the Persons On Board text:
(just above the words Fuel Planning).

Now add names and weights for all occupants in the seat/row to which they are assigned.

Note that:

  • AvPlan EFB will automatically update the combined weights for those rows, and the overall POB for the flight plan stage.
  • If you entered passenger weights on the loading page, previous weight settings for these load stations will be overridden.
  • Passengers, when added, are also added to all subsequent stages in the plan.
  • The load sheets will display all names and weights for all occupants, plus fuel load and weight and balance envelope, which can then be printed or emailed in the Print/Send section of the Planning Pane.
  • To delete a row, swipe it from right-to-left. A delete button will then be revealed.

Tapping the edit icon in the top-right corner will put the page in edit mode, so you can reorder or delete passengers as necessary.

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