1. From your Home screen, tap the AvPlan EFB icon:

  1. When the app starts, you will see a dark blue ‘welcome’ screen with an invitation to either create a new account or go to the sign in page if you already have an account.

Click on the appropriate button.

  1. if you are registering as a new user, you will now see

  1. Please read the end user license agreement and click to Accept.

This will reveal:

  1. Where you are being invited to enter your email address to be used as your Avplan-EFB username, and a password of your choosing. Please type carefully and make a note of your password.
  1. You can now tap register and your AvPlan account will be created.
    If you got this far but are in fact a registered user already, you can just ignore the registration button tap on “Sign In”.
  1. Once you are registered, you can select your default data area (or areas):

And that’s it.

Welcome to AvPlan-EFB. Now you can go to the Settings section and start downloading some chart data!

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