There are several ways to access ERSA, DAP or AIP pages (that pertain to a particular airport):

  1. Swipe the screen right–to-left to display associated pages from the ERSA/DAP/AIP.
  • The first page to show will be the Aerodom (AD) Chart page from the DAPS, if it exists, followed by;
  • the ERSA pages, if they exist, followed by;
  • The Runway Distance Supplement pages, if they exist, followed by;
  • The Country Guide page if it exists and you have a Country Guide subscription, then;
  • Arrival procedures, if they exist;
  • Departure procedures, if any exist and:
  • Instrument Approach procedures, if any exist, then;
  • AIP SUPs, if any exist, and finally;
  • Any user files that have been uploaded via DropBox
  1. Tap the screen one single time with three fingers – a dark bar should appear at the bottom of the screen. Along this bar will be thumbnails of the available pages, which can be easily swiped left or right. Tap on a thumbnail to select it. If you wish to dismiss the shortcut bar without selecting a page, simply tap the screen once more with three fingers.

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