User waypoints can be managed (added, edited or removed) from within this window.

Individual Waypoint Management

  • To add a waypoint, press Add. Latitudes and longitudes are in the format DD MM.MMM* S/N and DD MM.MMM* E/W
  • To edit a waypoint, select a waypoint and edit as required.
  • To delete a waypoint, swipe the row and a Delete icon will appear.
  • User waypoints can be created from street addresses. Tap the Find Street Address row to create or edit a waypoint.
  • Enter in the street address, and then tap the Pin icon if the correct location is displayed.

As well as entering Latitude/Longitude figures, user waypoints can be created via a bearing/distance from another known location, or from a street address.

Scroll to the very bottom of the page to view a satellite map view of the waypoint.

To fine-tune the waypoint’s position, tap and hold on the marker. After a brief moment the marker and satellite image will ‘jump’, enabling you to see exactly where the point of the marker is. Keeping your finger on the screen, drag the marker so that the marker’s point is exactly at the desired position. Now release your finger and the user waypoint’s Lat/Long will be updated to the new position.

See also how to use the Crosshairs for greater accuracy when editing in the En Route pane.

When a flight plan is submitted using a user waypoint, only the latitude and longitude is sent (or the known location, bearing and distance in the case with waypoints created with that method).

Bulk Waypoint Management

At the bottom of the Waypoint List in the User Waypoints page, there are options for sharing your waypoints with another AvPlan user or between devices;

  1. by email, or
  2. by AirDrop,


  1. there is an option to Delete all waypoints.

Automatic syncing of user waypoints between devices is not currently supported.

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