En Route Weather Overlay menu

The Weather RADAR overlay displays a continuous loop of radar information for the last hour. The feed is refreshed every five minutes. Note: this may lag actual rain by up to approximately 5-10 minutes.

Winter weather- it was not a flying day in the melbourne basin

The colour of the weather radar overlay is almost intuitiveely obvious, but not quite:

Shades of green mean rain, yellow means heavier rain, orange means heavy rain, red means very heavy rain, black means what you think- the heaviest and quite likely dangerously heavy rain. Blue means quiet rain, otherwise known as snow.

Animated overlays such as this can be played in a loop, paused or stepped forwards/backwards, using the icons on the radar controls.

These controls appear at the bottom of the map page.

The timestamp for the snapshot is displayed in the bottom-left hand corner.

You can also select from:

  • Infrared Satellite (cloud)
  • Surface Pressure Forecast
  • Freezing Level Forecast
  • Cloud Ceilings Forecast
  • Visibility Forecast
  • Future Rain

The Cloud Ceilings Forecast, Visibility Forecast and Future Rain are Plus/Premium features. They show what the current weather models predict these three weather phenomena to be between 4 and 90 minutes into the future.

Overlay Legends

To view a legend/key for the overlays, tap on the update time (in the bottom-left corner of the EnRoute tab). For example:

In summary, the Visibility and Ceiling overlay coding is:

[Clear = VFR]
Blue = marginal VFR
Red = IFR
Purple = Low IFR

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