Sending a plan to someone

The Send/Share icon allows you to:

  • Submit flight plan (via NAIPS). Opens the Flight Planning tab and enters the NAIPS Plan Submission view
  • Send flight plan in GPX format to another app on your device (Cloud Ahoy, Google Earth, etc), using email, your favourite messaging app or any other method
  • Export an FPL format flight plan. (NOTE: .FPL format is used only to send to Garmin devices)
  • Send Flight Plan to Garmin Pilot
  • Send FPL Export (for Garmin handheld units and some Garmin panel units)
  • Tweet flight : to share details about this flight to X (formerly known as Twitter)
  • Share details about this flight to Facebook
  • Sync the plan via AvPlan EFB’s cloud services, so it is available on your other devices – or if you need to restart the device at some stage during the flight
  • Send a plan to your Dynon Skyview avionics
  • Send a plan to Jeppesen FliteDeck if installed on your device
  • Send a plan to your Avidyne IFD avionics

Receiving a flight plan and installing it

  • The easiest way (by far) to upload a shared flight plan, assuming that the sender is also using an iOS device, is to use airdrop. If the sender sends to you by airdrop the whole process is almost automatic; just accept the plan when it arrives, and follow the prompt to open it with AvPlan. Thats it.
  • If you receive a plan by email, the upload process is also fairly straightforward, but there is an extra step:
    • The email attachment will have a download button . Do not use it.
    • Simply tap on the attachment icon itself. This will open a page that looks like a sea of consciousness (lots of almost meaningless text) . Now use the share button at the top of the page (box with an arrow pointing upwards), and share to AvPlan-EFB. Thats’s it.

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