The Weight and Balance view displays the following:

  • Loading envelopes: In every case, a fore/aft envelope, and in the case of some helicopters, an additional lateral envelope
  • Loading stations, including fuel load
  • MTOW figure
  • Takeoff/Landing/Zero Fuel weights
  • Persons on board
  • Baggage / cargo on board
  • Fuel plan table

As with the flight log, any cells that appear on this page shaded green can be manually edited.

If there is important weight and balance data missing from your aircraft profile, you will be prompted by a pop up in the top right-hand corner. Any required data will be highlighted in red text. Once entered, the text will turn black.
Common omissions are:

  • Basic Empty Weight
  • Empty Arm
    If all details are now correct, (and there are at least two waypoints entered in your flight plan) you should see the centre of gravity plotted within the envelope. If you have incorrectly specified the Basic Empty Weight or Empty arm the envelope may not contain any symbols or lines; check these values and their units against the most recently approved weight data in your POH.

It is also possible to edit the Aircraft Weight and Balance details by tapping on the settings (cog) icon in the top right corner. This allows editing of:

  • Basic Empty Weight
  • Empty arm
  • Weight units
  • Fuel volume units
  • Arm units
  • Fuel cost
  • the Setup item allows editing of the WnB envelope, Loading stations, fuel tank stations and the definition or editing of optional Loading Profiles. These are described more fully in Settings>Aircraft Type database>Creating/Editing an aircraft type

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