AvPlan helps you deal with SARTIME in two ways; first of all, if you have submitted a SARTIME it will have been added to your calendar with a reminder to cancel.
Secondly, in order to cancel SARTIME with minimal effort, you can tap on Planning>SARTIME to reveal the SARTIME associated with your plan. A list of SARTIMEs associated with your currently active (successfully filed, not-yet cancelled) flight plans will be displayed. Click on the SARTIME that you wish to change or cancel, to be presented with options to cancel or change it.

  • You can change the selected SARTIME to some later or earlier time if, for example, you took off at a time significantly before or after the the ETD in your plan. Type in the new date-time group and tap the screen. Change via app is the default method. Unless you tap Change via Voice AvPlan will automatically submit the change.
  • If you prefer to change a SARTIME by phone, tap on the Change via Voice button. Now, changing the SARTIME value will not send a changed value to NAIPS- AvPlan retains the changed time, but does not submit it. AvPlan assumes that will make the phone call.
  • You can cancel the selected SARTIME by tapping the Cancel button and confirming. AvPlan will cancel the SARTIME for you, and display a confirmation message when succesful, or if you have nominated to change by Voice, it will delete the active SARTIME internally but it will not cancel the SARTIME in NAIPS.

Note. If you elect to cancel by Voice, but do not in fact make the phone call, AvPlan will no longer show the active SARTIME, even if you have not cancelled it. This is not recommended as it may lead to confusion.

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