AvPlan EFB

Plan Faster, Fly Sooner

AvPlan EFB is the leading flight planning application for the Apple iPad and iPhone. It is available from the Apple App Store.

Envisioned, developed and rigorously tested by pilots for pilots. Focused on continuous improvement, the team at AvPlan EFB consult with  our Product Design Board comprising senior CFI’s and pilots active in all major aviation segments.

Subscriptions for AvPlan EFB are available for purchase inside the app, or directly from our website. Subscriptions through this site come at a discounted rate over those available through the app, as it bypasses the Apple royalty payment. Your AvPlan EFB subscription can be used by you on up to three (3) devices.

The current AvPlan user base includes pilots from all areas of aviation;

  • Regional, Part 121 pilots
  • Part 135 charter organizations
  • Agricultural pilots
  • Private pilots
  • Recreational pilots
  • Military pilots
  • SAR/EMS pilots

Designed as the go-anywhere lifetime EFB application that can grow with you – from local VFR recreational aviation through to professional Part 135 charter and Part 121 airline operations, AvPlan EFB has been designed to leverage your investment by using the portability, connectivity, ease of use, reliability and processing capability of your Apple iPhone and iPad.

The Perfect Co-pilot

Responsive, powerful and portable, AvPlan EFB’s context awareness engine ensures it’s always ready to provide you with the best possible information at your fingertips whether you’re preparing for a flight or airborne.


Approach Plate Overlay

Auto-loads airport diagram


Seamless moving map


Sophisticated notification engine


Heads Up Display


Export flight plan to Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck


Profile view with flight path, terrain, airspace, obstacles


Flight plan overlaid on map

Other overlays include

  • TFRs
  • Fuel prices
  • METARs
  • Glide envelope

Distance rings around aircraft


Advanced aircraft weight and balance capabilities


Load passengers and create load sheets


Customizable fuel plan, including climb, cruise, descent, alternates etc.

AvPlan EFB Features:

  • Full database of worldwide airports, navigation aids, waypoints, visual tracking points and designated IFR routes.
  • Built in AFD and Terminal Procedures.
  • Displays your position on all airport taxi diagrams and instrument approach plates
  • Point and create user waypoints on visual and IFR charts and approach plates
  • Display routing and current position information on visual and IFR charts (including terminal plates)
  • Lockheed Martin FSS integration to download and automatically save briefings and NOTAM’s
  • Lockheed Martin FSS integration to submit completed flight plans
  • Access to weather charts
  • NEXRAD radar overlay on all maps
  • Lightning overlay on all map types
  • METAR and SIGMET overlays on all maps
  • Terrain and obstacle warning overlay on all maps
  • Terrain warnings and altitude call-outs
  • Terrain profile view
  • Database of aircraft types with detailed performance models
  • Weight and balance calculations to suit all aircraft types
  • Fuel prices
  • Import flight plans from Jeppesen FliteStar, FltPlan.com
  • Export flight plans to your handheld Garmin GPS, Garmin G1000, Jeppesen FliteDeck on your iPad.

In addition to creating a flight plan, AvPlan EFB can then be used in flight with all the above features to keep track of all in flight planning activities. It acts as a self-updating flight plan, calculating departure times,  estimated en route times and arrival times. AvPlan EFB extends the electronic flight bag concept into something that is in a league of its own – the Electronic Flight Plan.

Maps can be rotated to suit any orientation – just like a paper chart. Fixes can be added in flight, again just like noting down a fix on a paper chart.

A comprehensive user manual for AvPlan EFB  is also available. This can be downloaded and imported into iBooks.

Jeppesen Flite Deck integration:

  • Features
  • iOS
  • Android
  • VFR Seamless Mega’ Moving Map
  • IFR Seamless Mega’ Moving Maps
  • Flight Planning
  • Direct To Navigation
  • LM FSS Briefings
  • NEXRAD/Lightning Radar Overlay
  • AFD
  • HUD
  • Stopwatch
  • Maps active airspace, FIR,SIGMETs
  • Horizontal Terrain Display
  • Obstacle Warnings
  • Social Share Flight Details
  • Add Fixes Along Route
  • Aircraft Performance Profiles
  • Aircraft Weight and Balance
  • Fuel Calculations
  • User Waypoints
  • Automatic Altitude Optimization
  • Sync Flight Plans/Aircraft to Cloud
  • Submit Flight Plan via LM FSS
  • Print and Send Flight Plan
  • TOC, TOD, PNR Calculations
  • Geo Ref Plates &Airport Diagrams
  • Multiple W&B Profiles 1 aircraft
  • Import Any Filed Flight
  • Export Flight Plan to Jepp. Flite Deck
  • Subscribe Now

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