Welcome Europe

AvPlan EFB 7.0 introduces detailed support for pilots flying in and around Europe. We have added detailed VFR and IFR enroute charts (high and low altitude) and geo-referenced airport diagrams and instrument approach procedures. All maps and plates can be saved for offline use (and this is done by region, so even if you divert when in the air you will have the data you need to get to your destination).

Flight Planning

AvPlan EFB can produce complex VFR and IFR flight plans (with IFR plans being verified by Eurocontrol) and even submit a flight plan electronically. After submission the departure time can be quickly amended if required, plus cancelled once you have completed your flight.


AvPlan EFB produces a complete briefing pack which is automatically saved on your device and can be referred to when offline (i.e. in flight). The briefing pack includes all en route NOTAM, METAR, TAF, SIGWX, SIGMET, Icing and Winds Aloft.

Flight Plan Filing

File your flight plan electronically via AvPlan EFB, anywhere in the world. AvPlan EFB is the fastest way to create and submit an electronic flight plan on a mobile device.


AvPlan EFB also includes a detailed list of weather items which can be overlaid on various maps to give you the ultimate in situational awareness;

  • Rain radar (not available in the 1 month free trial)
  • IR Satellite
  • Satellite derived virtual rain radar
  • Freezing level forecast
  • Surface pressure forecast
  • High altitude SIGWX
  • METARs
  • Lightning

Additionally, plain text METAR and TAF, Winds aloft and NOTAM are available to view inside the app.


Are you a RocketRoute subscriber? If so, enter your login details into AvPlan EFB under Settings, User Settings, RocketRoute Details and link AvPlan EFB to your RocketRoute account. Flight plans can then be imported directly from the website, completed plans uploaded and flight plans can be submitted free of charge.


Download the AvPlan EFB free trial today. This (almost) fully featured trial will run for 30 days (the rain radar and flight plan submission does not work in the free trial). At the completion of the trial AvPlan EFB for Europe is available as an annual subscription and subscribers receive all map and airport information updates every 28 days.


AvPlan EFB for Europe is available on iOS only at this stage. Support for Android users will come in the coming months.