AvPlan EFB 7.7.3. is now available in the App Store. This release adds support for the Appareo Stratus 3 and  Dynon DRX GPS/ADSB-in devices.

Additionally we have make the following changes;

  • The default naming convention for flight plans will be the departure point, any intermediate landing points and the destination.
  • You will be prompted to use your own NAIPS account when filing a flight plan in Australia
  • Better handling of locations with both an NDB and a VOR – use the VOR in preference over an NDB
  • Tune the auto-router to use local waypoints over distant ones with more connected routes
  • New option to chat with support when tapping the lifebelt

We have also resolved the following issues

  • Missing labels on user waypoints
  • Fix the dinghies field in the flight plan submission form
  • Resolve an issue where a far-away navaid is used in preference to a nearby waypoint with the same name, when editing a flight plan in the quick edit box above the flight plan
  • Resolve missing lines in the TAF/METAR and ATIS on the Waypoint Details popup
  • The nearest airport winds in the HUD now will show nearby airports with no wind
  • Resolve issues with the Garmin FPL export, and the Avidyne plan upload when using an ALA in your flight plan
  • Improvements when deleting old data to ensure all old data is actually deleted
  • Flight plan expected routing messages will be sent when you file a flight plan