AvPlan EFB 7.8.2 is now available in the App Store as a free update for all users. In this release we have re-engineered the lowest safe altitude calculator and fixed a number of issues some users were experiencing.

All users will also now see their aircraft location depicted on geo-referenced taxi diagrams on the Terminal pane.

The AvPlan EFB LSALT Calculator has been enhanced by adding additional boundaries;

  • RNP4 (15º splay to 8 nm with a 5 nm buffer)
  • RNAV GNSS (15º splay to 7 nm with a 5 nm buffer)
  • Non GNSS RNAV (15º splay to 30 nm with a 5 nm buffer)

The LSALT calculator will automatically determine which splay and width to use when multiple waypoints are present in a flight (splay width for some will grow and can not be assumed to converge at a non positive fix).

The LSALT calculator has also been enhanced to add the option to use the internal Digital Terrain Model (DEM level 0) or use the hypsometric tints on the charts to perform the calculations. Tap Settings, User Settings to change the calculation method.

Automated LSALT calculations are available to all premium subscribers.

The LSALT calculator, like all internal calculations within AvPlan EFB, are based on great circle navigation. The LSALT calculator boundaries are produced based on these great circles.

If your EFB isn’t using great circles to depict routes (routes are depicted as straight lines – rhumb lines) then you risk the situation in the diagram above. The blue dotted line depicts the flight as depicted on an EFB using rhumb lines (straight lines). As you see in the diagram above you can easily fly outside the bounds of a calculated lowest safe altitude, or calculate an incorrect lowest safe altitude.

AvPlan EFB 7.8.2 also resolves the following issues some users were experiencing;

  • Critical point calculations use the correct winds for the altitude being flown
  • Taxi fuel will be burnt on the first stage in all cases
  • Fix street address search
  • Fix an issue with fuel burns when an alternate is present in the flight plan
  • Fix the flight plan display on the Windy view under Weather
  • Fix an issue with the domestic flight plan display showing fuel in litres only